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Meet Dr Sheppard, Pediatric Dentist Arizona

Gregory B. Sheppard, DDS

Having spent many years living in Arizona, Dr Sheppard attended multiple community colleges before he finally made the ultimate decision of stepping into the field of dentistry. He pursued and completed his undergraduate degree at the prestigious Brigham Young University, popularly known as the BYU in Provo, Utah.

Following his undergraduate program, he was offered acceptance at the dental school at Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio, where he spent four years training and practising as a dentist. It was while at the Ohio State University during his training that Dr Sheppard decided to specialize in pediatric dentistry, and to dedicate his professional practice to helping young children combat oral disease and maintain optimal dental health. He was also keen on working with individuals having special healthcare needs.

For his speciality residency and post-graduate program, Dr Sheppard applied to and was accepted at Indiana University, a state of the art facility that was also linked with a hospital program at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Sheppard spent two years as a pediatric dental resident in Indianapolis during which he trained, observed and provided professional care to children of all age groups and different healthcare needs.

Soon after finishing his residency, he returned home to Arizona along with his wife, permanently settling in the North Valley. Because he felt a natural pull towards Anthem, its community, countless opportunities, surroundings and people, Dr. Sheppard purchased his own dental practice in 2009 and has been one of the leading names in top quality, unparalleled pediatric dental care in Arizona ever since.

Dr Sheppard is happily married and is a father to five wonderful kids that enjoy quality family time and outdoor activities, camping and travelling in particular. According to Dr Sheppard, having kids gives him a unique perspective when he is treating children at his dental practice because he is able to utilize and apply things that he has learned as a parent. Parents at the clinic frequently hear him say ‘I am a dentist, but I am also a father’. This is because Dr Sheppard finds it easy to relate to their feelings, problems and struggles when they bring their kids in for treatments or routine checkups.

Dr Sheppard loves being able to treat and to educate children, he is passionate about his work and the fact that it allows him to interact with many young individuals having different problems and healthcare needs. By getting on their level with his own experience, Dr Sheppard helps children understand the importance of good oral health and ways in which different dental infections can be prevented by a simple change in daily routines. In his own words, Dr Sheppard does not enjoy being a stern, stuffy, straight-down-to-business dentist that can intimidate young kids; he likes to get enthusiastic, fun and even silly at times to get into his patient’s comfort zone so that they can understand things better.

Currently, Dr Sheppard is an esteemed member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and is Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. This additional training and board certification, which was not mandatory, is a sign of his undying dedication and commitment to his field and a continuation of life-long learning. Dr. Sheppard spends much of his time learning about new techniques, latest researches and modern developments in the field of oral healthcare to ensure better, safer care and ultraefficient, highly effective treatments to all his patients.

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