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Financial & Insurance Information

We appreciate you allowing us to provide dental care for your child. As one of the Valley’s leading providers for pediatric dental care, we wish to attract parents that take an active role in their child’s dental health and remain financially responsible. Because we value our relationship with you and believe that the best relationships are based upon understanding, we offer these clarifications on methods of payment & insurance reimbursement. Upon your first visit, we will request a copy of your dental insurance information to allow us to file your claim for this and all future visits. Please remember to bring all dental insurance information, as well as insurance card(s). We also ask that you contact us immediately after making any changes to your dental coverage, so we can keep our records current and provide expeditious reimbursement of your benefits.

Dental Insurance

We are dedicated to providing all our patients with the finest treatment available and base our treatment recommendations on what will be best for your child and not what your insurance company does or doesn’t pay. Please note the following in regards to your dental insurance:


We must emphasize that as a health care provider, our relationship is with you and not your dental insurance company. Your dental insurance is a contract between your employer and the insurance company. Most plans routinely pay between 50-75% of the average total fee for a given procedure. This percentage is determined by how much your employer has paid for coverage. As a courtesy, we will be happy to file for your insurance benefits, though we are not obligated to do so. Because your dental insurance plan is a contract between you, your employer, and the insurance company, many carriers will not reimburse our office. In this instance, you will be responsible for the full cost of each visit at the time services are provided and your insurance company will send you the reimbursement check, directly. Any amount not covered by your insurance company is payable at the time services are rendered; these fees may include deductibles, co-payments or certain procedures not covered by your insurance policy. Unfortunately, some of the services that we may recommend for your child will not be covered by your specific dental insurance. Our primary goal is to treat your child using the best and most up-to-date materials, supplies, medications and environment and not necessarily in the cheapest manner, which is sometimes the goal of many insurance companies. We allow a maximum of 45-days for your insurance company to clear account balances. Any unpaid portions will be due in full, by you, after this period. Our office does not determine your dental benefits. Your employer chooses your particular policy and if you are unhappy with its coverage, this should be mentioned to your superior. Only your employer can adjust benefits. Methods of Payment. 

For your convenience, we accept cash and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept personal checks. Financing Programs. To help provide cost-effective care to our patients, we offer several long & short term financing programs for dental treatment. Please feel free to inquire about these various payment programs. Financial Obligation. After attempts to collect outstanding funds and a 90-day grace period from the time of service, parents/guardians not fulfilling their financial obligation will be sent to collections, as stipulated by our accountants. We will always do our best to maximize the insurance benefits that you are eligible to receive and we appreciate your prompt settlement of any charges that may be incurred during the treatment process. 

We look forward to years of close association with you, as we work together to maintain your child’s oral health! Prior to completing any treatment, we will provide you with a cost estimate indicating our total fee, what we anticipate your insurance coverage to be, and your estimated out-of-pocket portion. Please remember, our office is here for you. Feel free to contact us with any insurance or payment questions.

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