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Your Child’s First Pediatric Dentist Visit

When is the best time to take a child to the dentist for the very first time?

The first baby teeth typically erupt around 6 months of age. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the best time to take a child to a dentist for the very first dental visit at age one or 6 months after the first tooth comes in.

Why is it important to take young children to the dentist?

Taking kids to the dentist from an early age is important for a number of reasons. Children are unable to maintain good oral hygiene themselves and therefore, regular dental checkups are necessary to monitor the development of the teeth and check for any infections or cavities for timely diagnosis and treatment. Children also frequently indulge in snacking and eating unhealthy foods and beverages that can cause cavities. The regular dental visit allows the children to get help and advice about correct brushing techniques and the maintenance of ideal oral hygiene. It also helps a child grow accustomed to a dental office as well as dentists, eliminating their fear permanently.

How to help children want to visit the dental office?

It is important to understand that children easily get intimidated and scared at the thought of anything new and painful. To build a sense of adventure in their heads about visiting an exciting new place and meeting interesting new people is a great idea. Children look forward to fun activities, and that’s how a visit to the dentist must be portrayed by parents. Allowing them to bring their favorite toys/blankets along also helps them feel more comfortable.

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